Trade Anywhere Using InstaForex Trading Platform

If you think how difficult it is to forex trading because of having to spend much time infront the computer and cannot move anywhere. You are wrong! Now InstaForex has a variety of platforms to suit users for free. Let see the list below:

MetaTrader for Windows
There are two versions, MetaTrader 4 platform which is the most widely used until now. While MetaTrader 5 is the latest version.

Mobile Trading Terminal
If you have PDA or smartphone you can try out this platform. Works just like a computer version of MetaTrader.

Mobile Trader for iPhone and iPad
Of course this is good news for loyal Apple products users. Everything is in your hands. Try it now!

Mobile Trader for Android
This is what the Android users has been waiting for. Can be used on a tablets like Samsung Galaxy or any phone that use the Android OS.

Mobile Trader for Blackberry
Blackberry users also have the advantage. Now there is a special version of InstaForex for Blackberry users.

You're a serious trader? Trade many accounts? MultiTerminal allows you to manage many accounts simultaneously. Many time can be saved and to facilitate your daily work.

This is the latest platform from InstaForex. It is the easiest to use because there is no need to download or install. Very suitable for those who are still new and not quite know about computers. What you need is just an internet browser like FireFox or Chrome to start forex trading. Easy!

How to get all the trading platform?
You can go to download page for more information. Choose your preference and try it functions. If you wish to open a new InstaForex account, do not forget to get 86.6% rebate and 30% deposit bonus for your new account.