InstaForex Rebate 86.6% (1.3 pips) Daily Payment

Welcome, and thank you for visiting InstaForex Rebate Daily blog. If you still don't know anything about forex rebate, please read the information below carefully.

Join now in 3 simple steps:

1. Open your account using this link - click here
2. Deposit your funds
3. Start trading & get instafx rebate

For a complete step by step with a picture, please see below.

What is forex rebate?
Forex rebate is the money refunded by the company or individual to you.When you sign up with them, the broker will pay commissions to them every time you closed a trade. This commission is usually paid directly to the trading account.

As mentioned above, the commission is returned to you. This partnership rate is usually specified by them. FYI, I received 1.5 pips commission. I give you the maximum share of 1.3 pips. I only get 0.2 pips. Why do I say maximum? Because that is the limitation set by InstaForex. You can ask directly to them if still in doubt.

You, 86.6% (1.3 pips)
Me, 13.4% (0.2 pips)

Why do I give InstaForex rebate?
I am a trader as you are and I learned a lot from the internet, especially forex forums. So here I want to share what I've got to give encouragement to new traders. In addition, I also can get some pocket money from this InstaForex rebate partnership.

What are the advantages of InstaForex rebate?
InstaForex rebate is the highest ever offered. Many other brokers only pay 0.5 pips and below. Rebates is a free way to reduce the cost of your trading spread. See the example below:

Suppose you are trade EURUSD pair with 2.0 pips spread.
With InstaForex rebate, you have to pay 0.7 pips spreads only.

2.0-1.3 = 0.7

Imagine if you trade with a value of 10 USD for 1 pips after you closed the position InstaForex rebate you got is 13 USD (1.3x $ 10).

What are the requirements to get the InstaForex rebate?
You will need to close the position with a minimum of 3 pips and above. Either profit (+) or loss (-), both trade will be calculated. If you closed less than 3 pips, I don't get any commission from the broker. So there is no rebate I can share.

How InstaForex rebate payments is made?
If you see the banner above, you already got the answer. InstaForex rebate will be paid daily direct into your trading account. The rebate payment will be automatically deducted from my account.

Do you qualify for 30% bonus for every deposit?
Yes, you are entitled to the bonus even if you are participating in this InstaForex rebate program. So you get 30% deposit bonus + 86.6% InstaForex rebate. Please go to 30% Bonus For Every Deposit page for details.

How to join this InstaForex rebate program?

It is very easy. I have provided the steps for you below:

1. Open a new account with InstaForex using this link:
Click here to open live account

2. Click "Accept terms of agreement"

3. Fill in the form completely. See example below. (click on image to enlarge)

live account - instaforex rebate

Make sure you enter the correct code in order to get the rebate!
instaforex rebate - code guide

Once completed, InstaForex will send you an email regarding your new trading account.

4. Make a deposit into your trading account

5. Don't forget to get your 30% bonus! Click here (optional)

What to do once registered?
Once you registered, I will receive an email notification from InstaForex. Your account will be listed automatically to get the rebate from me. You only need to trade as usual. If you trade today, the next day InstaForex rebate will be transferred to your trading account.

payment proof - instaforex rebate

I hope we all can benefit from InstaForex rebate partnership. Thank you.