30% Bonus For Every Deposit

instaforex rebate deposit bonus

If you don’t have a forex account yet, this is a golden opportunity to get a bonus from InstaForex.

What type of trading accounts that qualify?
All types of trading accounts are eligible to receive this 30% deposit bonus.

How much to be gained?
Suppose you deposit $1,000, then you will get $300 bonus. So, total money in your account is $1300. With this bonus, you can trade with larger lots or open more positions.

Are the bonus can be withdrawn?
No, the bonus can only be used as a margin booster. But the profit made from the bonus can be withdrawn as usual.

How to get this bonus?

Step 1 - Live accounts registration
In my opinion, it is better if you register a live account to get both the InstaForex rebate and the deposit bonus. Please go to InstaForex Rebate 86.6% (1.3 pips) Daily Payment for more information. If you already opened an account there, please proceed to the steps below.

Step 2 - Make a deposit into trading account
Once the new account is opened, you should make a deposit as soon as possible to get the bonus.

Step 3 - Complete the bonus application form
Click here to claim your bonus. Fill in all the required information.

Congratulations! You successfully get the 30% deposit bonus and do not forget InstaForex rebate that you will receive later. Good luck in your forex trading.